Azzle is a kind of fruit from Neopia having strange looking. It belongs to species Malus neopia in the rose family Rosaceae and is a relative of the apple. Azzol is very smelly and is not ripe until it splits. Äzzol-wa Neopia dè kei-i-gwai-na lūkiŋ frūt. Ano frūt wa tropikol fūd dè 1-zúŋ, biloŋ tu Jaŋmi-foäppol-suk en ano frūt ga äppol dè relativ. Äzzol hev stroŋ-i smel en not dū raip ùntil split. 阿澤果(Azzle)是尼奧世界的一種樣子很古怪的水果。它是蘋果的近親,屬於薔薇科蘋果屬,是一種熱帶食品。阿澤果的味道很濃,而且它的特性很奇怪:要裂開了才會成熟。

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