Obverse view of the 1-öre coin.

00100c back

Reverse view of the 1-öre coin.

Öre(ö奧勒IPA:[,ø're]) is a unit of currency in Babycasèny. Each křone equals 100 öre(ö), and each öre equals 100 çents. There are several face value for öre coins: 50ö, 20ö, 10ö, 5ö, 2ö and 1ö.

Composition Edit

The 1-öre coin is a silver coin of 3cm diameter and 1.5mm thickness. It is about the same size of a Hong Kong one-dollar coin, but it is in silver. It is a 16-point scallop coin.

Etymology Edit

The word öre originated from the öre or øre in Scandinavia, in which the word derives from the latin aureus (gold), the name of a Roman Empire coin that worth 25 denarii. Due to heavy inflation in the Roman Empire, the value of such gold coins depreciated and became a coin in small amount.

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