Chokato is a kind of fruit in Neopia that have violet-coloured skin, taste like chocolate and look like tomato. It is a kind of tropical fruit. It is now no longer available on the market. Čokato-wa Neopiafrūts đät hev violet-sik skin, teist-laik čokkòleit en lūk-laik tomato. Čokato-wa tropikol frūts. Jigùm-ga not dū aveilàbol in market. 巧克果尼奧世界一種外表紫藍色、味道像巧克力、外貌像蕃茄水果,是一種熱帶食物。現時巧克果已不再在市場上出現。

Ikstönol liŋk Edit

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