the Lost Desert was rediscovered by Brucey B when passing through the scary forest in fear. The Lost Desert was hidden for thousands of years, found and then much of it was destroyed again in a sand storm. But those desert pets are tenacious, they're building again. Đe Losendè Ŝamok wa ŝamok in Neopia rīdiskòvèred bai Aispenguin B bai pasiŋ ŧrū đe Koubui Forèst in fīr. Đe Losendè Ŝamok wa skärlènd en forgeten für ovèr mani 1000-nin bifor rīdiskòvèri. 失落的沙漠尼奧世界的一個沙漠,由冰企鵝B所發現,只要穿過恐怖森林就可到達。失落的沙漠是一塊神聖的土地,在古老的歷史長河中,它已經被塵封了好幾千年了,一直不為人所知,直到被重新發現為止。

Cities / Çitis / 城市 Edit

Games / Geims / 遊戲 Edit

Games you can find in the Lost Desert: Geims nei keyi faind in đe Losendè Ŝamok: 在失落的沙漠可以找到的遊戲:

Feimùs-na residènts Edit

Feimùsna residènts liviŋ in Đe Losendè Ŝamok wa:

Game hints / Geim hints / 遊戲提示 Edit

From the Daily Puzzle on the 2nd of the Month of Hiding: The Lost Desert is represented on a tile in Kou-Jong. From Deili Pùzzol on Haidiŋ-monŧ dè de-2-dei: Đe Losendè Ŝamok wa rīprisenten in Kou-Jong fāfā-pái dè Summer.

Shops / Šops / 商店 Edit

External link / Ikstörnol liŋk / 外部連結 Edit

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