Sahara desert

Sahara ŝamok in Deikàu.

Ŝamok-wa veri drai pleises đät seldòm loksui. Ŝamok-ga keyi hon-i or fo-laik sü-i. Most ŝamok wa fōrmen bai ŝa, snow de akkyumyuleiçion. In ŝamok, ŝadün or snowdün oaru.

There are not many animals in the desert, but some animals have learned to survive in various ways. Some animals that do well in the desert are rabbits, bats, bears, and rattlesnakes. These animals all have different ways to survive the intense conditions of the desert. A rabbit lives in a hot desert by circulating hot blood through its long ears to help it cool down, and it also digs a burrow underground where the climate is more mild. Bats also live in hot deserts and only come out at night, when the temperature is cool. Rattlesnakes do not have any body heat of their own, so they use the hot desert sun to warm up. In cold deserts, bears have thick coats of fur to keep warm. Rabbits in cold deserts also dig burrows, bikos protekten bai graund from freezing winds.

Deserts cover at least 25% of the earth.

In deikàu, đe bigest sü-i ŝamok wa Sahara ŝamok en đe bigest hon-i ŝamok wa Namgik.

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