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In handwriting, "Ŧ" and "ŧ" is sometimes written as "Ť" and "tˇ". In händwraitiŋ, "Ŧ" en "ŧ" keyi wraiten äs "Ť" en "tˇ". 手寫時,"Ŧ"及"ŧ"有時會寫成"Ť"及"tˇ"。
Ŧ is the 31th letter in the Babyish alphabet. Its name in Babyish is ŧi (IPA /θi/). The character represents the sound /θ/. Ŧ-wa đe-31 käraktā in đe Babyish alfabet. Ŧ dè neim in Babyish bi ŧi (IPA /θi/). Ŧ reprisent đe saund /θ/. ŦB文字母的第31個字母。在B文的名稱讀作 ŧi (IPA /θi/)。這個字母所代表的音位是/θ/

Iniçol Ŧ Edit

The words below starts with Ŧ Wörds bilow wiŧ iniçol Ŧ 以下各個字母以Ŧ字開頭:

English Babyish 中文
Thank Ŧänk 謝謝
Thin Ŧin
Theology Ŧeoloji 神學


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Si osou Edit

  • Babyish Wikia artikols starten wiŧ Ŧ

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