Template:Spelček Ūommey(2005n 4m 24d—)-wa TomUni pet à Neopia.

Introdùkçion Edit

Ooommey as grundo

Ūommey as Grundo


Ūommey de 1000d böŧdei parti at 2008n 1m 19d.

Ūommey-wa luoksik-na namzài Uni, 2005n 4m 24d 09:00 à Neopia cutsài. Ūommey-ga cutsài-e Grundo-da.

People loves Uni so much. They thought Uni are beautiful. In fact, I am beautiful, but I was not born as a Uni. I used to be a Grundo before.

I don't know when I was born, and how I was born. What my owner daehanmanse told me was that, I was born as a Grundo. When she adopted me, I was painted by my previous owner as purple. If you have been living in Neopia for long, you should know that no pets was born in purple. Also, the purple colour was not actually purple for the whole body, but with orange spots. So my old owner don't like me at all. He wanted me to be in another colour, but he cannot afford another paintbrush. So he decided to put me into the pound... //cry

In the pound, I saw many other Neopets. I love the Uni, as they are beautiful. But I thought I can never be a Uni, as I am a Grundo. However, I can enjoy playing as if I were a Uni.

Then one day, when I was bored in the pound, somebody came to adopt a pet as usual. I did not care, as people usually will not choose an ugly Neopet like me. But I was surprised later to know that somebody pointed me out.

When I'm not playing with my owner, I love to play games and hang out with my friends. Unis are naturally really athletic, so of course I usually win. Afterwards we all have a snack, like ice cream or chocolate cake - vegetables are so uncivilized!

These are some of my favourite foods :)

I always use NeoGlo shampoo and conditioner to keep my mane and tail tangle-free and shining. My owner will tell you that I accept nothing but the best to buff and polish my pretty petite hooves. Oh, what's a Uni to do? I hope I have the outfit to match.....

I am not just a pretty face however, I read books regularly and once a week daehanmanse takes me to the Neopian Battledome to watch the tournament. I would like to enter, it looks such fun but I am afraid I might chip a hoof.

I really love my owner and I think I am the luckiest pet in all Neopia. If you would like to play with me or chat with my owner, NeoMessage daehanmanse!

On 1m 19d 22:00, Tom celebrated my 1000th day with me and my other family members. He bought me many new clothes, as well as an explorer pack of 60,000 NP (discount price)! He loves me so much...

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