Dandelion and Burdock Drink is a soft drink of traditional British taste [1] given to players when they played the free game Tiki's Tombola in the island. This drink is a mixture of juices from Dandelion and Burdock which gives your pets a refreshing taste. Póugūŋyīŋ en Gobou hěisui wa NeopiaTiki Tombola dè gift. Póugūŋyīŋ en Gobou wa rūt bīr dè 1-zúŋ. Tradiçionol dè Iŋglènd yùmmumàt da. 蒲公英牛蒡飲料提基大頭針的湯博拉抽獎裡送出來的一份禮品。它是一種傳統的英國式飲品,用已發酵的蒲公英牛蒡的根部釀製,是一種不尋常不過又感覺不錯的有氣飲料。

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  1. See Dandelion and burdock in English Wikipedia.

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