The Altador Cup is won by the team that wins the Yooyuball tournament. The tournaments have taken place in Neopia since 2006. 阿塔都盃錦標賽尼奧世界的一項重要體育盛事,

Each Neopian picks one team to support and is awarded with a wearable background for one of their Neopets to display team pride with. The Neopian then can play flash games to win points for their team.
Each year from 2006-2009, 16 teams competed in the tournament (each year one team being unable to participate due to a well thought reason by TNT) but following the discovery of Moltara, 18 teams now compete each year. 尼奧世界的16隊球隊對壘,在每年的7月舉行。



Past Winners/歷屆冠軍隊伍 Edit

  1. Altador Cup I@Y8/2006n: 鬼怪森林隊/Haunted Woods
  2. Altador Cup II@Y9/2007n: Darigan Citadel
  3. Altador Cup III@Y10/2008n: Roo Island
  4. Altador Cup IV@Y11/2009n: Krawk Island
  5. Altador Cup V@Y12/2010n: Lost Desert
  6. Altador Cup VI@Y13/2011n: Virtupets
  7. Altador Cup VII@Y14/2012n: TBA

最有價值球員 Edit

  • Y8: 科銳維托

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外部連結 Edit

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