雪糕家族》is a bed-time story about the life of 雪糕小熊 and Dio-dio in the new land of "Japan".

Story OutlineEdit

Discovery of the landEdit

At the start of the story, it said about a serious earthquake in the world we are living, but back to 16th century when the Tokugawa family araised. In the earthquake, the area around Japan was transmitted from our present world to the world where 小熊 and Dio-dio are living. At that time, they have become the nobles of Babycasèny. During that time, people saw great clouds and fire in the sea. In additional, many people floated from the new Japan in Babycasèny to their country. They were settled near the sea, and they were named as "日杯人", due to communication error. The prince of Babycasèny want to know more about the "new land in the sea", and sent Little Bear and Dio-dio, with some of these 日杯人 as translators to see what has happened to the sea.


When they arrived the place, they found panicked people and warriors out-of-control. The two were separated during a big riot there.

Become leadersEdit

but they have succeed to help each part of the divided Japan to restore the peace. They were then elected as leader of each half of Japan (at Oosaka and Edo). During the story, they kept on fighting with their "enemy", and still looking for their own partner.

The Big MatchEdit

At last, the two met in a war.

Peace restoredEdit

The two helped to unit the whole Japan, and persued the whole land to join Babycasèny as one of the province.


  • 《雪糕家族主題歌》


Xütgou Femili Edit

  • Xütgou Xiuhuŋ
  • Kofukasu gàt

Tokugawa Femili Edit

  • Tokugawa Dio-dio

Babycasèny Edit

  • Babycasèny de Prinçi

Kita Edit

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