Alerji-wa bodi dè over-rīspons tu ikstörnol stimulùs. Alerji keyi kōsen bai fisikol or psaikolojikol rīsòns.

An allergy is when someone cannot have a certain thing enter his or her body without getting sick. The person's body attacks that thing the same way it attacks bacteria, or germs. We say the person is allergic to that thing. A person can be allergic to food, to certain substances like latex, to insect stings, or to invisible particles floating through the air. These particles can come from plants, pets, or dust.

Alerjik Rīeiçions Edit

When pīpol kom in kontäkt wiŧ alerjik mättār, different dè rīeiçion wa possibol:

  1. Iči ŋán
  2. kùtkùt or hùtci
  3. sweliŋ bodi parts
  4. tóuzái tǔŋ (für fūd-rīleiten alerji)
  5. fūkùp blokiŋ (bikos sǐkdǒu or hàuluŋ swelen)

Medikeiçion Edit

Kommòn Alerjis Edit

Kommòn fūd-rīleiten alerjis Edit

  • Nùts, ikspesiolli fāsàn
  • Örs or bǔihǒk-lui dǒŋmǎt
  • Milk prodùkts
  • Igs en rīleiten prodùkts
  • Woŋdàu-lui sikpun
  • Xíumàk en rīleiten prodùkts

Kommòn envāroumèntol alerjis Edit

Kommòn psaikolojikol alerjis Edit

  •  ?

Si osou Edit

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