Alfabet-wa wraitiŋ sistèms da. Wraitiŋ sistèms wa symbols dè list für wraitiŋ. In alfabet, evri symbol rīprisentiŋ saund.

Etymoloji Edit

Đe wörd “alfabet” orijineited from Hellasik alfabet dè de-1-gè en de-2-gè käraktās: “alfa” en “beta”. “Alfa” orijineited from Finigik alfabet “Alef” en “Beŧ”.

Babyish dè alfabet wa modifaien alfabet from Latinik alfabet (or “Romanik alfabet”). Latinik alfabet wa yused in Änçient Roma für wraitiŋ Latiniš. Jigùm-wa Latinik alfabet ga most yusen alfabet.


Nigè-wa alfabet dè list en iksampol leŋgueijs für evri alfabet:

Kitadè wraitiŋ sistèms Edit

Kitadè wraitiŋ sistèms wa not dū yus symbols that mean a sound, but symbols that mean a word or a syllable. In the past such writing systems were used by many cultures, but today they are almost only used by languages people speak in Asia.

  • The Chinese writing is called "pictographic" because their writing evolved from using pictures to represent words or ideas.
  • Japanese uses a mix of the Chinese writing and two syllabaries called hiragana and katakana. Modern Japanese often also uses romaji, which is the Japanese syllabary written in the Roman alphabet.
A syllabary is a system of writing that is similar to an alphabet. A syllabary uses one symbol to indicate each syllable of a word, instead of one symbol for each letter of the word. For example, a syllabary would use one symbol to mean the syllable "ga", instead of two letters of the alphabet "g" and "a".
  • Korean used the Chinese writing in the past, but they use an alphabet now.

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