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Alphabet song is a song for us to remember our alphabets. There are totally 40 alphabets in Babyish. Alfabet soŋ-wa soŋ tu rīmembà o-alfabet. Babyish-ga 40 alfabets oaru. 字母歌是一首幫助我們記着我們字母的歌。Babyish總共有40個字母。

Bo, po, mo, vo, fo;   Dè, tè, nè, đè, ŧè;
Gè, kè, ŋè, ĥè, hè;   Ji, qi, xi; ži, či, ši;
Zi, ci, si; ẑi, ĉi, ŝi;   el, ar, ři, wu, yi;
A e o u   ä i ö ü.

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