擺佈(Báibǒu) is a song and MTV sung by Biblue at around 1987n or 1988n. The song might get influenced by the Cantonese pop song "Rebel" (反叛) by Priscilla Chan, but it has its own originality as well. The words "擺佈" actually do not mean the same words in Cantonese, but referring to an action of standing with one's head. On one hand, the word "擺佈" has two different meaning in Babyish, and the pronunciation of this word is very similar to the singer's name. Compare "bai bou" with "bai blu".

MTV sceneEdit

The scene that most people can remember about "擺佈" is that, after Biblue sung the last sentence "實在我喜歡食魚", she turned herself around by her side and stood with her head.

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