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Babbyblu 20080315

Babbyblū 2008n 3m 15d

Babbyblū(2006n 1m 27d—)-wa Tom de blumarū pet à Neopia.

Introdukçion Edit


Babbyblū wiŧ le pet.

Babbyblū-wa nāmsik-na namzài Blumarū, 2006n 1m 27d 18:00 à Neopia cutsài. Leitā, Babbyblū bikom gūyi. Đen, Tom adopted Babbyblū. Laik kitade blumarū, aŦletik en enerjitik de Babbyblū olweis deng araund in Neopia. Babbyblū olweis bring le pet wiŦ when denging araund.

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