Babycasèny de koins-wa de-1 taim meik in 1979n. Evri koin prodyused in Babycasèny Koineijmil (BKM) à Feiŋosan. Körrènt koins wa:

  1. 1 křone (Gold sökoli koin)
  2. 50 öres (Gold sökoli koin)
  3. 10 öres (Gold skallopi koin)
  4. 5 öres (Silvā skallopi koin)
  5. 1 öre (Silvā sökoli koin)
  6. 50 çents (Silvā sökoli koin)
  7. 10 çents (Silvā sökoli riŋ)
  8. 5 çents (Koppā sökoli koin)
  9. 1 çent (Koppā sökoli riŋ)

Körrènt koins Edit

Koins für Deili Treid Iksčeinj
Imeij Välyu Teknikol paramitās (leitest) Diskripçion
Obvös Rīvös Diämitā Ŧiknès Mās Komposiçion Ej Obvös Rīvös
00001c 00001c back 16.000 mm 1.550 mm 3.11 g copper Plain Face value and year only Double scepter emblèm
00005c 00005c back 25.650 mm 2.800 mm 3.11 g copper Plain face value, year en 2 rouses Naçionol Emblèm
00010c 00010c back 10¢ 15.530 mm 1.550 mm 3.11 g silver Plain Face value, year en 4 rouses Double scepter emblèm
00050c 00050c back 50¢ 28.510 mm 2.115 mm 3.11 g silver Plain face value, year and 2 roses National Emblèm
00100c 00100c back 35.020 mm 2.800 mm 3.11 g silver Plain
00500c 00500c back 10.055 mm 1.245 mm 3.11 g gold Pläin
01000c GoldKoinBaek 10ö 12.750 mm 1.550 mm 3.11 g gold Pläin
05000c GoldKoinBaek 50ö 28.510 mm 1.550 mm 3.11 g gold reeded
10000c GoldKoinBaek 1Kř 30.000 mm 2.800 mm 3.11 g gold Reeded security edge

Si osou Edit

Ikstörnol liŋks Edit

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