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BabyishTawn-wa Babyishonlain lörniŋ instityut.

Startiŋ from 2017n 2m, BabyishTawn-wa maigreitiŋ lörniŋ plätform tu yus Duolingo. Osou, kontents from Meipol-šǐ wa ädden.

Duolingo LevolsEdit

Meipol-šǐ LessònsEdit

Foniks (Levòls 1~5)Edit

Levòl 2Edit

  • Lessòn 1: /b/, /f/, /l/ onsets dè litsèniŋ
  • Lessòn 2: /k/, /d/, /g/ onsets dè litsèniñ
  • Lessòn 3: /h/, /j/, /k/ onsets dè litsèniñ
  • Lessòn 4: /m/, /n/, /p/, /kw/ onsets dè litsèniñ

Orol en PrisenteiçionEdit

  • Lessòn 36: Änimols dup hoi
    • whale / crabs / shells / tortoise / dolphin / shrimp / octopus / crayfish / lobster (so osou: DuolingoLevol 1 Änimols)
  • Lessòn 37: À la pleigraund
    • slide / swing / seesaw / rope / jungle gym (攀爬架) / rollerskates
  • Lessòn 38: With midè sàuzài
    • clap / rub (hands or tummy) / wave / count / pointing / throw / shake hands
  • Lessòn 39: Easter Time!!!
    • Kaunting Easter eggs.
    • Fainding decoration patterns.
    • "Favourite" one
    • Chocolates: Black / Milk / ......
    • Kompäring: Rabbits / Eggs
    • Kontents from SparkleBox ( dè Easter Egg ddo yusen

IŋglišTawn Lessòns Edit

Konvörseiçion topiks Edit

Tudei dè Iŋgliš Edit

Si osou Edit

Ikstörnol liŋk Edit

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