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Babyish Aboliti Test (BAT) wa Babyish de Aboliti levol test.

Àboliti Ständard Edit

Stùdi Taim
Vokäb Saiz Àboliti Target Riförèns
100 sigan[1] 1000
  • Alfabets: Kolleiti sikwens, neimiŋ
  • Simpol Kwesçion en Ansās
Levol 1 (Yučiyenā)
200 sigan 1500~3000 Levol 2 (Lower Praimari)
350 sigan   Levol 3 (Haiĥer Praimari)
500 sigan Jenerol Babyish diŋyǐu yusen in evri dei dè liviŋ Levol 4 (Lower Juŋduŋ)
700 si Levol 5 (Middol Juŋduŋ)
900 sigan Babyish für wörk Levol 6 (Haiĥer Juŋduŋ)
1500 sigan

BabyishTawn Edit

Level Old Level Name New Level Name
0 Pre-Beginner Introduction to Babyish
1 - 2 Beginner Beginner
3 - 4 Elementary Elementary
5 - 6 Lower Intermediate Pre-Intermediate
7 - 8 Intermediate Intermediate
9 - 10 Higher Intermediate Upper Intermediate
11 - 12 Advanced Pre-Advanced
13 - 14 Advanced


  1. == 400-gè 15-min sekçion, or 10-wīk dè 4-sigan lessòns.

Si osouEdit

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