Babyish alphabet uses Latin characters. There are 40 characters in the Babyish alphabet set. Ç is not considered a separate letter and thus not counted in the alphabet list. Babyish alfabet wa Latinik Alfabet de 1-zoŋ. Babyish alfabet-ga 40 Käraktās-oaru. Ç not dū alfabet. B文字母採用拉丁字母,現時有40個標準字母,及一個在內文會使用,但不列入字母表的字母Ç。這40個字母分別如下:
Babyish Alfabet
A a Ä ä B b Ç ç C c Č č Ĉ ĉ D d Đ đ E e F f G g H h Ĥ ĥ  
I i J j K k Kĥ kĥ L l M m N n Ŋ ŋ O o Ö ö P p Q q R r Ř ř Rĥ rĥ
S s Š š Ŝ ŝ T t Ŧ ŧ U u Ü ü V v W w X x Y y Z z Ž ž Ẑ ẑ  

Vawouls (Vowels) Edit

Vowels IPA transliteration
A a a
Ä æ ae
E ɛ e
I i i
O ɔ o
Ö œ oe
U u u
Ü y ue
Babyish does not have diphthongs, so when one encounters two vowels being placed together, they are pronounced separately. Babyish does not have diphthongs, so when one encounters two vowels being placed together, they are pronounced separately. 在B文並沒有雙元音,所以當文字中出現兩個元音相連時,兩個元音會分開來讀。

Düŋ-i Vawouls (Short Vowels) Edit

  • à = /ɐ/ in IPA
  • è = /ə/ in IPA
  • ì = /ɨ/ in IPA
  • ò = /o/ in IPA
  • ù = /ʌ/ in IPA
  • In Sheepnese, they replace all short vowels above with Ə ([ə], /eh/).

Cöŋ-i Vawouls (Long Vowels) Edit

  • ā = /ɑː/ in IPA
  • ē = /ɛː/ in IPA
  • ī = /iː/ in IPA
  • ō = /ɔː/ or /ou/ in IPA
  • ū = /uː/ in IPA

Consonants / Konsonànts / 輔音 Edit

Plosivs Nasols Frikeitivs
B b P p M m V V F f    
D d T t N n Đ đ Ŧ ŧ    
G g K k Ŋ ŋ Ĥ ĥ H h    
L l R r Ř ř
W w Y y

Translitereiçion (Transliteration) Edit

Konsonànts IPA Transliteraçion
B pb
P p'p
M mm
V vv
F ff
D td
T t't
N nn
Đ ðdh
G kg
K k'k
Ŋ ŋng
Ĥ xkh
H hh
J ʤ / ʨj
Q ʨ'q
Ž z / ʒzh
Č ʧch
Š ʃsh
Z ʦz
C ʦ'c
S s / zs
Ĉ tʂ'cz
Ŝ ʂsz
L ll
R rr
Ř ʐ / ʅ / ɨrh
W ww
Y jy


  • For characters with several IPA pronunciations, the first represents the usual phonetic value, and the remainings are all other possible phonetic values.
  • Sometimes ç is used to represent /s/ sound when it cannot be pronounced as /z/.

Gemination / Jemineiçion / 輔音重覆 Edit

Every character have to pronounce. Therefore, geminated consonants have their value prolonged.


  • muga (mu,ga)
  • mugga (mug,ga)
Evri käraktā diŋyǐu pronauns. Soi, when konsonants jemineiten, ano saundvälyu ddo proloŋen.


  • muga (mu,ga)
  • mugga (mug,ga)


  • muga (mu,ga)
  • mugga (mug,ga)

Touns (Tones) Edit

Note: This section of the article requires review or confirmation.
  • Tones: macron for long vowels, acute, hacek, grave, dot below.
Tone sign Tone value Tone value in Cantonese Tone value in Mandarin
(no sign) 11 yang ping (Tone 4) leaving tone (Tone 3)
¯ (macron) 33 / 55 yin ping (Tone 1) yin ping (Tone 1)
´ (acute) 24 yin shang (Tone 2) or yang shang (Tone 5) yang ping (Ton 2)
(hacek) 22 yin qu (Tone 3) or
yang qu (Tone 6)
(no equivalent)
` (grave) short vowels or 51 (no equivalent) qu sheng (Ton 4)

Si Osou Edit

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