The Babyish grammar follows the grammar of Cantonese and English, but many of them follow the practice and structure of English. Babyish grämmar folow Gwóŋduŋiš en Iŋgliš dè grämmar, but mani folow Iŋgliš dè practice en strùkcö. B文文法主要源於粵語英語的語法,但仍以英語為主。

Parts of speechEdit

Problem and disputes Edit

For Babyish grammar, there is no central authority to governise the standard of Babyish. Therefore, different people have a different choice of word and different preference towards either Cantonese or English. As a result, such preferences and choice of words resulted in different dialects.

External link / Ikstörnol liŋk / 外部連結 Edit

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