These are the literatures in Babyish.

General ReadingsEdit

These are adaptation from children storybooks for schools in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Literature related to 雪糕小熊Edit

  • 新R小熊大俠》: bed time stories about 小熊 from it was born.
  • 小熊好乖》: bed time stories about 小熊 is behaving good every day.
  • 雪糕家族》: story about 小熊 and Dio-dio when they arrived the new land of Japan, as it was moved to their planet during a serious earthquake.

Sheepnese LiteratureEdit

Pop MusicEdit

Religious LiteratureEdit

The culture of Babycasèny is highly influenced by the Christianity culture. The two mainstream clan of the country, the Babyish and the Sheepnese, have their own hymn as the central theme of their belief:

  • Babyish: 主的BB大家都在讚美,讚美主,主是B。主的BB大家都在讚美,讚美主,主是B。
  • Sheepnese: 牧場內......我是主的羊。

Some other religious literature:

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