Brightvale is a rennisance-based kingdom in neopia located at west of Meridell for 80 kilometres (50 miles). The kingdom is located in a castle ruled by King Hagan the Wise (better known as the older brother of that scruffy oaf Skarl). Brightvale is a bastion of peace, knowledge and really lovely ornate windows. Bràitväl-wa kiŋdòm à Meridell dè west dè 80 kilomitās (50 mails) rulen bai Hagum le Wisdom, osou nouen as Skruffy ould Skarl dè bro. Bràitväl wopiŋ-na pleis wiŧ loji en kirei-na glās window dè kontri. 光明聖谷尼奧世界一個文藝復興文化的王國,位於馬爾戴里以西50英里(即80公里),那裡有一座城堡,由智者哈甘國王(即暴躁老斯卡爾的哥哥)統治。光明聖谷是一個洋溢著和平、學問和處處可見美麗非凡的玻璃窗的國家。

Altador Cup / Altador Kùp / 阿塔都盃 Edit

Mein artikol: Altador Kùp

Brightvale participated in the 1st Altador Cup as underdogs, however they defeated Kiko Lake in the pre-quarter finals but lost to Haunted Woods ing the Quarter Finals. The Haunted Woods would then go on to win the championship. In 2007 they returned to finish 12th overall and fail to win any awards. In 2008 they were confident that they would do well having just replaced their goalie Orie Dinelle with a new goalie Erli Quinnock. However the team managed to finish in last place following one of the biggest shocks of the Altador Cup when they were defeated by Faerieland. In 2009 King Hagen did not allow Brightvale to participate in the Altador Cup.

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