Brightvale fruit is the fruit produced in Brightvale. Bràitväl frūt wa Bràitväl prodyus dè frūts. 光明聖谷水果是在光明聖谷出產的水果。

Fruits list / Frūts list / 水果列表 Edit

English Babyish 中文名 描述 標列價格 圖片連結
Lesser Spotted Burble Lesser Spotted Burble 較交斑點的布布果 比大的斑點布布果更好吃。 2,500 NP
Jipple Pear Jipple Pear 紀枇果 你不知道這是個本地的特產! 2,500 NP
Furanga Fruit Furanga Fruit 毛刺刺果 堅固、毛茸茸的水果,主要用來清除黑板上的粉筆。 291 ~ 498 NP
Dewy Apple Dewy Äppol 露濕蘋果 這個水果的味道就像是你嘗過最多汁的蘋果。 1,023 ~ 1,055 NP
Icky Fruit Ikī frūt 咦咦果 因為外表醜陋味道令人不敢恭維而臭名遠揚。 239 ~ 287 NP
Grenanna Grīnnana 綠蕉 這個水果和香蕉十分相似,不過它的顏色是綠色,並且帶有一點苦味。 1,269 ~ 1,362 NP
Grenelon Grenelon 智慧瓜 Wisdom is said to come from eating this melon, but mostly Neopets eat it because it tastes good.
2,500 NP
Shishkafruit Šiškafrūt 史沙卡果 這個拿來燒烤是最好不過的了!
This is the perfect fruit for a barbecue!
2,500 NP
Grilled Shishkafruit Grillen Šiškafrūt 烤史沙卡果 最好的燒烤食品。
These are best hot off the grill.
2,500 NP
Sroom Fruit Šrūm Frūt 蘑菇果 非常像蘑菇,所以得名。 (550) 728~737 NP
Skeem Skīmfrūt 史齊果 A tangy sweet fruit, great on a nice warm fall day. Just watch out for the seeds, they are rock hard.
2,500 NP
Seedless Skeem Seedless Skeem 無子史齊果 This is perfect for those who love the skeem but cant stand the seeds.
2,500 NP
花橙 這個水果據說能讓你增長智慧,不過至今還沒人能證明。 1,358 NP
Parchment Fruit 羊皮果 This fruit looks like parchment and can be used as parchment, but dont worry, it doesnt taste like parchment. 2,500 NP
Strypedillo This tangy, tough skinned fruit goes very well with vanilla ice cream. 1,331 NP
Passionberry The hard shells are often used as table decorations or ink pots. 2,500 NP
Purblare A lumpy sour fruit that looks a little like a mis-shapen pear. 2,500 NP
Tangella Tanjella 烈格拉果
Cocorot Kokorot 椰蘿 誰會想到胡蘿蔔和椰子混種會這麼好吃?
Who knew a carrot and coconut hybrid could turn out so tasty?
299 NP

This melon is quite heavy due to its high water content. Echtooh Melon 1 in stock Cost: 2,500 NP

A tough furry fruit that is mainly used to clean the chalk off blackboards. Furanga Fruit 1 in stock Cost: 281 NP

This tangy jam is also seedless for your safety. Skeem Jam 3 in stock Cost: 718 NP

This tangy, tough skinned fruit goes very well with vanilla ice cream. Strypedillo 1 in stock Cost: 1,248 NP

So named because of its rather ugly look and unpleasant taste. Icky Fruit 4 in stock Cost: 271 NP

This fruit is very similar to the banana, but it is green in colour and has a slightly bitter taste. Grenanna 1 in stock Cost: 1,211 NP

This fruit looks like parchment and can be used as parchment, but dont worry, it doesnt taste like parchment. Parchment Fruit 1 in stock Cost: 2,500 NP

This fresh fruit salad is full of delicious seed-free Skeem slices. Fresh Skeem Fruit Salad 1 in stock Cost: 2,318 NP

Sort of like a lemon only much more sour. Screlon 1 in stock Cost: 835 NP

好吃的甜美果實,在秋天涼爽的天氣食用更加美味。不過要小心種子,它們可是很硬的。 史齊果 存貨: 1 售價: 2,500 NP

這瓜相當沉重,因為裡頭水分很多。 艾杜瓜 存貨: 1 售價: 2,500 NP

這對於喜歡史齊果,但又不喜歡種子的人來說,是最好不過的了。 無子史齊果 存貨: 1 售價: 2,500 NP

堅固、毛茸茸的水果,主要用來清除黑板上的粉筆。 毛刺刺果 存貨: 1 售價: 281 NP

香氣濃郁的果醬不含種子以確保你的安全。 史齊果醬 存貨: 3 售價: 718 NP

果皮堅硬,氣味濃烈,正好配搭香草冰淇淋。 斑紋瓜 存貨: 1 售價: 1,248 NP

因為外表醜陋味道令人不敢恭維而臭名遠揚。 咦咦果 存貨: 4 售價: 271 NP

這個水果和香蕉十分相似,不過它的顏色是綠色,並且帶有一點苦味。 綠蕉 存貨: 1 售價: 1,211 NP

這個水果看起來像是羊皮,也可以當成羊皮紙,不過不要擔心,它的味道並不像是羊皮紙。 羊皮果 存貨: 1 售價: 2,500 NP

這新鮮的水果沙拉裡都是無子的美味史齊果切片。 新鮮史齊果水果沙拉 存貨: 1 售價: 2,318 NP

味道像是檸檬,不過更酸。 酸籠果 存貨: 1 售價: 835 NP

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