{{{{{1}}}}} Chiluba(/, Luba-Kasai en Luba-Lulua ddo, Närrow Bantu leŋgueij dè 1-zúŋ spīken in DeikàuGongo Demokratik Rìpublik, as ano kontri dè naçionol leŋgueij.


Chiluba-wa Nižer-Gongo leŋgueij-fämiliBantu leŋgueij-branč dè 1-zúŋ, Baluba pīpol dè leŋgueij.

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Chiluba-wa àbaut 630-mǎn pīpol-o wǎsu in the Kasaï Occidental and Kasaï Oriental provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


There are significant dialect differences between the East Kasai Region (Luba people) and the West Kasai Region (Bena Lulua people).


The Bantu word identified in June 2004 by Today's Translations, a British translation company, as the most untranslatable in the world: ilunga, in the Tshiluba tongue, means "a person ready to forgive any abuse the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time". However, it is more likely to be a personal name rather than a difficult word.


  • MacIntyre, Ben. Why do Koreans say 'a biscuit would be nice' instead of 'I want a biscuit'?, The Times, August 21, 2004.

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