Cukisima Daikyu
Cukisima Daikyu
Poutoi Ailènd, Cukisima Daikyu en Cukisima Ailènd.
Total length 11.2公里
Tsukisima Bridge is the bridge linking the Tsukishima island in Jungnaman-city and the Poutoi Island in Frendov city. Cukisima Daikyu wa daikyu liŋkiŋ JuŋnamŋonCukisima en Frendov de Poutoi Ailènd. 月島大橋是一條連接中南岸市月島友愛市蒲台島的大橋。
Tsukisima Bridge is a double-deckered bridge of 11.2km in length. The bridge has six lane on top, two highway lane with four railway lane at the bottom. The four railway lane is for the East Line of Frendov Regional Railway. Cukisima Daikyu wa daikyu liŋkiŋ Juŋnamŋon-çiti dè Cukisima en Frendov de Poutoi Ailènd. 月島大橋是一條公路鐵路兩用的大橋,全長11.2公里,分為上下兩層:上層是六線行車的公路,下層的外圍是兩線的密封公路管道,而中間是四線鐵路,以供區域鐵路東線行駛。

Si osou Edit

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