tu Söŋ Ci (305) Morrisòn Hil (306) Děimá Pǎo (307) Hicuji-ga-oka tu YST

Deima Pao Station is a station of Frendov MTR Lin 3 in the Central and West Frendov district. The area around this station is a place where sheep are living. Děimá Pǎo Steiçion wa Frendov MTR Lain 3 dè steiçion à Sencrol en West Frendov. Äria àraund ano steiçion ga Hicuji-o liviŋ da. 地馬炮站友愛地鐵3號線的車站,位於中西區。地馬炮站所在地區是羊咩仔聚居的地方。

Loukeiçion Edit

Iksit Edit

Biuldiŋ Edit

Transport Edit

Ikstörnol liŋk Edit

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