FortuneCity Express is built on 1999n. The Express way starts at the same place as Airport Express. It started at Sencrol Steiçion of Frendov. Then it stopped at the Äroport Steiçion directly. After that, it travels along the Liŋdiŋyöŋ Daikyu en araived Doumèn. The train do not stop but continue to go south until it arrives FortuneCity. There are two stops in FortuneCity: First underground stop in Millenium Park under 7 Okehampton Way (奧克漢普頓路); Second stop in Skyscraper Complex, outside Suite 462 Sun Building.

Jigùm-ga Okehampton Way de lèndyus wa muzoru lobo, Skyscraper Complex de steiçion bikom onli steiçion in FortuneCity.

Ikstörnol liŋk Edit

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