GCCCE("Iŋgliš: Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education" dè suokxie; Babyish: Gloubol Ẑoŋhwa-pīpol Konferens on Kompyutā-yuseij in Ejukeiçion)-wa Deikàu de Ẑōŋhwá-pīpol de importànt konferens.

Konfèrens dè list Edit

Kaunt Deit Pleis Websàit Venyu
De- 1 1997n Guǎŋẑōu  
De- 2 1998n Höŋgóŋ GCCCE1998 (yoŋ-nai) Höŋgóŋ Ẑōŋwén Yunivösiti
De- 3 1999n Oumun GCCCE1999 (yoŋ-nai) Oumun Yunivösiti
De- 4 2000n 5m 29d - 31d Singapura GCCCE2000 (yoŋ-nai)
De- 5 2001n Táiwān GCCCE2001
De- 6 2002n Běijīŋ GCCCE2002
De- 7 2003n Nánjīŋ GCCCE2003 (yoŋ-nai)
De- 8 2004n 5m 31d - 6m 3d Höŋgóŋ GCCCE2004 Höŋgóŋ Politeknik Yunivösiti
De- 9 2005n 6m 6d - 9d Hawai-i GCCCE2005 Hawai-i Yäŋ Brigĥäm Yunivösiti dè Ejukeiçion Skūl
De-10 2006n Běijīŋ GCCCE2006 (yoŋ-nai)
De-11 2007n 5m 26d - 5m 30d Guǎŋẑōu GCCCE2007 Hwánán Ŝīfàn Yunivösiti
De-12 2008n 5m 4d - 5m 8d Meigok Mičigan Steit Ist Lansiŋ GCCCE2008 Mičigan Steit Yunivösiti
De-13 2009n Táiẑōŋ GCCCE2009 Naçionol Táiẑōŋ Ŝīfàn Yunivösiti
De-14 2010n 6m 1d - 4d Singapura GCCCE2010 Nanyang Technological University
De-15 2011n 5m 29d - 31d Háŋẑōu GCCCE2011 Ẑejiaŋ Yunivösiti
De-16 2012n 5m 28d - 6m 1d Kendiŋ GCCCE2012 Naçionol Táinán Yunivösiti
De-17 2013n 5m 28d - 6m 1d Běijīŋ GCCCE2013
De-21 2017n

Běijīŋ || GCCCE2017

Si osou Edit

Ikstörnol liŋks Edit

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