Ooommey as grundo

Ūommey as Grundo

Grundos are alien like creatures that exist in Neopia. They were created by the evil Dr. Sloth and were controlled by him. They live in the Space Station or on Kreludor. The creation of new Grundos is restricted. Grundo-wa Neopia dè speçiolna änimol krieiten bai ivolli Dktr. Sloŧ. Evri 8m 24d ga Grundo dè Indipendènçi Dei. 宇宙滾豆是一種在尼奧世界生活,貌似外星生物的物種。這物種由邪惡的斯洛斯博士創造,並被他所控制。他們的住處在科硫墩太空基地。宇宙滾豆只能從太空基地或孤兒院裡被領養。

Game hint/Geim hint/遊戲貼士 Edit

Grundos work the catapults in Snow Wars II (answer to the Daily Puzzle on the 6th day of Gathering, Y9). Grundos-wa Snow Wars II-ni catapults dè koncrolās (ansā tu đe Deili Pùzzol gut Y9Gäđèriŋna-monŧ dè de-6-dei. 打雪仗II裡,宇宙滾豆擔任投石器的操控者。

Appearance / Appīràns / 外貌 Edit

They are alien like creatures that come in different colors unlike the other neopets they come in white, brown, red, blue, yellow, and purple. Grundo-wa houci ŋoisiŋ dè krieiçion. Jenerol dè adopten Neopets wa 4-zek beisik kalar wa aveilàbol für čūsiŋ. Für Grundo, pīpol osou keyi čūs hwait, brawn en pörpol. 宇宙滾豆的外貌似外星生物。與其他品種不同的是:一般的寵物在領養時,只可以選擇四種基本顏色;但宇宙滾豆可以選擇的顏色卻更多,還可以選白色、啡色和紫色。

Grundos can be changed to other appearance styles like: Baby, Blue, Brown, Checkered, Christmas, Cloud, Darigan, Disco, Faerie, Fire, Ghost, Glowing, Green, Grey, Ice, Island, Mallow, Maraquan, Mutant, Orange, Pink, Pirate, Plushie, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Robot, Shadow, Silver, Snot, Snow, Split, Sponge, Spotted, Starry, Striped, White, Yellow

Famous Grundos / Feimùsna Grundo / 著名的宇宙滾豆 Edit

See also / Si osou / 參看 Edit

Ikstörnol liŋk Edit

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