White Eel is the area at the east side in Tseung Kwan O district of East Steibol city, between Hang Hau and Small Red Sand. The Frendov MTR Line 5 and the Frendov Regional Railway East Line has the White Eel Station in this area. Hwait Īl wa Ist Steibol çiti Jöŋ Gwùn O kui doŋbu dè äria bitwīn Hāŋ Hàu en Smol Red Ŝa. Hwait Īl Steiçion wa steiçion à nigè distrikt für Frendov MTR Lain 5 en Frendov Rijionol Reilwei Ist Lain. 白鱔東安定市將軍澳區東部的一個小區,位於坑口小赤沙之間。友愛地鐵5號線區鐵東線白鱔站就在本區。





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