Käktoupùs Krīm from Neopiamedsin für kyuriŋ reptillioritus wa meiken from käktoupùs.

Cactopus Cream is the cream made from the oil extract of Cactopus. By rubbing Cactopus Cream on the affected skin area, people can cure reptillioritus. Käktoupùs Krīm-wa krīm meiken from Käktoupùs dè oili iksträkt. Bai rùbbiŋ käktoupùs krīm on affekted skin äria, pīpol keyi kyur reptillioritùs. 仙人掌油是一種從特種海仙人掌的油狀抽取物提煉而成的軟膏。只要在感染部位擦一些軟膏,就可以治療蛇毒
雖然海仙人掌的售價非常廉宜,但一般人並不能從海仙人掌提煉出仙人掌油。所以現時仙人掌油的市價一值都維持在大約99,500 NP。不過,你亦可以在康復泉得到不定時的免費治療。

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