Obverse view of the 1 Křone coin.


Reverse view of the 1 Křone coin.

Křone(克朗IPA:[ˈkʐɔnɛ]) is the basic unit of currency in Babycasèny. Each křone equals 100 öre(ö).

Composition Edit

A 1 Křone coin is a gold coin of 3cm diameter and 1.5mm thickness. It is about the same size of a Hong Kong one-dollar coin, but it is in .999 gold.

Etymology Edit

The Babyish Křone originated from the Danish Krone. The Danish word "Krone" means "crown", and was the unit of gold coins in ancient Europe. Historically, the value of one krone equals about 0.4g of gold. To be exact, one kilogram of gold equals 2480 krone.

Exchange Rate Edit

When the goin coin is manufactured, it is manufacturer to have its value equivalent to 100 Hong Kong dollars. At that time, abundant of gold is discovered in Babycaseny and thus the value of gold there was dropped 10 times. Therefore the coin was 10 times undervalued in the Earth, at which the price started to soar in folds.

In fact, the price of gold is also calculated wrong, as 1金衡制盎司等於31.1034768克[1], but they are considered as the same weight as ordinary ounce. Therefore, the weight of gold is translated by the wrong formula that 三斤等於四磅,一公斤等於1.65斤, and thus considered as only 28.41 g instead.

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