Laif aftā rītairmènt

Mrs. Romas wa ould-çitiā dè benefit ga wagarimasen ùntil ano ould-çitiā kard wa risiven. While using this card she will receive many discounts on things such as clothing, restaurant meals and transportation.

When she first received her new card she decided to take a trip to Freeport, Maine with her daughter. In Freeport there are many top brand factory outlets so it is a great place to shop, especially with a seniors card. Mrs. Romas will try to be careful with her spending while she is there, but I'm sure as soon as she sees something she wants, she will buy it. After her husband retired in 1997, Mrs. Romas has had to be careful of her spending . She is happy that she had a good savings plan long before her husband's retirement because his pension just covers living costs.

While Mrs. Romas is in Maine, Mr. Romas will be in Florida looking for a new home. They want to sell their house as soon as they can. It's too big now that all the kids are gone. Until just last week Mr. Romas was starting to worry that he would have difficulty selling his house. When he received a good offer two weeks ago he thought it was safe to start looking for a nice, smaller home in sunny Florida. Many retired people live in Florida and the Romas are looking forward to making some new friends!

Si osou Edit

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