Lannine de 1000 deis.

Lannine(2005n 8m 16d—)-wa Tom de Aiša pet à Neopia.

Introdukçion Edit

New aisha blue sad

Säd de Lannine at 2008n 1m 9d.


äŋgrina-Lannine at 2008n 2m 26d.

Lannine-wa namsik-na namzài Aiša, 2005n 8m 16d 00:00 à Neopia cutsài. Leitā, Lannine bikom gūyi. Đen, Tom adopted Lannine from Neopets Pound.

Petpet Edit

Divine krawkpet 8

Lannine de Petpet, Divine le krawkpet

Lannine-wa petpet-ga yugga. Divine-wa Lannine de petpet da.

Ikstörnol liŋk Edit

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