Jigùm-dè Mādabā

800px-Madaba Jerusalem Mosaic

A 6th century mosaic map of Jerusalem

Madaba, مادبا, is a capital city of Madaba Governorate of Jordan, which has a population of about 60,000. Madaba is the fifth most populous town in Jordan. It is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, especially a large Byzantine-era mosaic map of Palestine and the Nile delta. Madaba is located 50 kilometres south-west of the capital Amman. Mādabā-wa YordanMādabā Gavèrnenpleis dè käpitol çiti, wiŧ àbaut 60,000-gè pīpol in popyuleiçion. Mādabā-wa de-5-gè most popyuleiten tawn in Yordan. Mādabā wa feimùs für ano Baizäntin en Umayyad mosaiks, ikspeçiolli larj-i Baizäntin-era mosaik dè Palestin mäp en đe Nile delta. Mādabā-wa loukeited à Yordan dè käpitol-çiti Amman dè westsouŧ 50 kilomitā. 米底巴約旦的城市,位於首都安曼西南50公里,是米底巴省的首府,有人口6萬人,是約旦各個城市按人口排列的第五位。米底巴以當地的遺跡而聞名,亦是摩押石碑(又名米沙王石碑)發現的地方。另外,當地亦曾發現一塊用馬賽克砌成的聖地地圖。

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