Mama huŋcya

Mama Red Tea is a pre-packed brand of red tea. Mama huŋcya(ママこうちゃ) wa pripäken huŋcya dè bränd. 媽媽紅茶是一個包裝紅茶茶包的品牌。
Mama Red Tea has many different tastes:
  • Original taste
  • Apple-flavour
  • Lemon-flavour
  • Lime-flavour
  • Orange-flavour
  • Rose-flavour
Mama huŋcya wa mani fleivār aru:
  • Orijinol
  • Äppol fleivār
  • Lemon fleivār
  • Laim fleivār
  • Oränj fleivār
  • Rous fleivār
  • 原味
  • 蘋果味
  • 檸檬味
  • 青檸味
  • 香橙味
  • 玫瑰味

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