Mapnik-wa guŋhoi kontent dè tūlkit für dīvelopiŋ mäp meikiŋ äpplikeiçions. Mapnik ga wraiten in C++ wiŧ Python baindiŋ tu faksiliteit fast-peisen en agil dīvelopmènt. Mapnik keyi applai tu desktop en web dè dīvelopment.

Sùpporten PlätformsEdit

Jigùm-nùn fulsùpport dè plätform wa Linux onli, bùt alpha quality source is available for Microsoft Windows.

Supporten Deita Formäts en ProtokolsEdit

Mapnik supports data access plugins, allowing users to expand its data format support.

As of 10/18/2006, Mapnik comes with support for:


Mapnik dè laisens čeinjed on 2006n 5m 22d from GNU General Public License tu GNU Lesser General Public License[1].


  1. Release note: Pavlenko, Artem (2006n 5m 22d). "New Release 0.3.0" in Template:English aikon. Ritrīven on 2007n 7m 22d. "License changed from GPL to LGPL" 

Ikstörnol link Edit

Smallwikipedialogo This page uses content from Wikipedia. The original article was at Mapnik. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with Babyish Wiki, the text of Wikipedia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. Nigè peij kontein kontent from Wikipidia. Orijinol-dè artikol-wa à Mapnik, en ano-artikol dè òŧā list ga à edit històry peij. Seim as Babyish Wiki, kontent from Wikipidia ga koncrolen bai GNU Free Documentation License. 本頁面利用了來自維基百科的內容,原文是Mapnik。原文的作者列表可以參考編輯歷史頁面。正如Babyish Wiki一樣,維基百科的內容都依從GNU Free Documentation License條件發布。

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