Meridell is located at east of Brightvale for 50 miles (80 kilometres). It is said to be the land of heroes and legends. The land was forgotten by the rest of Neopia until a band of unlikely adventurers discovered a strange link to the past. Here you will find a lot fun games, shops, Meridell Castle, Meri Acres Farm... even Mortog kissing! Meridell-wa kiŋdòm à Bràitväl dè ist dè 80 kilomitās (50 mails). 馬爾戴里(Meridell)位於光明聖谷(Brightvalue)以東50英里(即80公里)的一個王國。馬里戴爾是一塊充滿英雄和傳奇的土地,可惜尼奧世界的後來人早已把這個地方遺忘了。直到有一天,一群冒險家發現了一條可以返回過去的時空隧道,人們才又開始注意到這個地方。在這裡,你可以找到很多有趣的游戲、商店、馬里戴爾城堡、馬里阿克裡斯農場...甚至是親吻莫托格!

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