Millenium Park is a district in FortuneCity. The ministers are: Michael (jesussaves), Dawn and Dice (DWD). Millenium Park wa Fortünçiti de distrikt. Ministers wa: Mikä (jesussaves), Dawn and Dais (DWD). 千禧公園幸福城的一個區。現任區長是Michael (jesussaves)、Dawn及Dice (DWD)。

Streets Edit

There are totally 88 streets in Millenium Park.

Facilities and Shops Edit

  • Millenium Park Young Adult Library (Address: 83 Big Ears Parade)
  • Happy Pets Adoption Centre (Address: 35 Celesteville, Website)
  • USINCARDIFF's Parents Resources Centre and Parents Club (Address: 46 Quarrybank Drive, Website)
  • Boy Hyperactive Children Resources Centre (Address: 14 Playdays Palace, Website)
  • Daybreak! Book Reviews & Children's Writing Resources Centre (Address: 8 Paddington Station, Website)
  • Chiu's Family Museum (Address: 7 Okehampton Way, [ Website])

Famous Resident Edit

Ikstönol Link Edit

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