Muijüish is a minor dialect in Babyish languages, with a characteristic of the extensive usage of the suffix "-jü". It was spoken mainly by a family in Kennedy Town of Hong Kong. Not sure if they have other family members living elsewhere who can speak this dialect as well. Muijüish-wa Babyish languages dè minoriti leŋgueij. Orienteited from Höŋgóŋ Ailènd dè sàibàkbu, wiŧ käraktèristik sùffiks "-jü". 妹豬話B文的一種方言,起源於香港島的西北部,特色是形容詞經常用"-jü"來結尾。

Examples / Iksampols / 例子 Edit

會說妹豬話的人 Edit

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