English Namtaileng-gu
Babyish Namtaileŋ-kui
한국어 남태령구
區長 Park Jiyong
Namtaileng is mountain range in Babycasèny. It situated at southwest of Jungnaman-city. Namtaileŋ-wa Babycasènymauntèn-reinj. Đe mauntèn à Juŋnamŋon dè westsouŧ direkçion. 南泰嶺BB国的一座山脈,位於中南岸市的西南方。
"Nam" means "south", "tai" means "big", so "Namtaileŋ" means the big mountain at south. "Nam"-wa "souŧ", "tai"-wa "big", sou "Namtaileŋ"-wa big mauntèn à souŧ. 南泰嶺位於大江南部,「泰」的意思就是「大」的意思,所以「南泰嶺」的意思就是「位於南方的大山嶺」。

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