Neopets food in Neopia are food like other worlds, but they are for feeding Neopets. Neopia has restaurants, shops and farming communities where food can be found or purchased. Some food is extremely expensive. Other food is very cheap or free. Neopets sikpun wa sikpun à Neopia für fīdiŋ Neopets.

NeoPets will sometimes refuse to eat the types of food that they do not like. And some kinds of food may make them sick! (If your pet gets sick, see the Healing Springs.

Some species, such as Skeiths, can eat anything. Even a chair.

Free Food / Minfai-na sikpun / 免費食品 Edit

  • the daily free omelettes and jellies
  • if you have less than 3,000 neopoints, your pets can eat for free at the Soup Kitchen

Speçiol-na sikpun Edit

See also / Si osou / 參看 Edit

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