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Neopia is a world where 54 different species of NeoPets live in. It is also home to 466 different species of Petpets and 39 even smaller organisms called Petpetpets. Neopia-wa plänèt đät 54-zúŋ diffèrènt-na Neopets liv in đe Neopets dè wörld. Nido-ddo hom tu 466-zúŋ diffèrènt spīses dè Petpets en 39-zúŋ even smoler orgànisùms colen Petpetpets.

Rijions Edit

Neopia-ga divaiden into rijions:

Above the world of Neopia, Färīlènd hovers and the moon, Kreludor, and the Virtupets Speissteiçion orbit. Osou, rumors àbaut Jelei Wörld * aru. (The NeoPets staff (TNT) denies Jelly World's existance, but we've been there.)

Riförènses Edit

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