R38939140486 Palm Cliff (佛手崖), resembling the shape of a human hand

Palm Cliff (佛手崖) resembles the shape of a human hand

R38939147639 Rock formation - Tortoise Climbing up the Mountain (靈龜上山)

Rock formation - Tortoise Climbing up the Mountain (靈龜上山)

Po Toi (commonly Chinese: 蒲台島, originally 蒲苔島) is the main island of the Po Toi Islands in Hong Kong, with an area of 3.69 km². Poutoi Ailènd(蒲台島) wa Poutoi Ailènd-grūp (蒲台群島) de mein ailènd, bīloŋiŋ tu Frendov-çiti dè Souŧ Frendov en Ailènds distrikt. Poutoi Ailènd wa Frendov-çiti dè souŧ-most ailènd. 蒲台島(或作蒲苔島)是蒲台群島的主島,面積3.69平方公里。蒲台島位處香港最南端,地質以岩石為主,島上有棺材石、佛手岩靈龜上山巫氏廢宅等旅遊點,另有蒲台島石刻是香港史前時期的石刻,估計有3000年歷史。石刻位於蒲台島南端,於1960年代被發現,現已被列為香港法定古蹟

R38939119109 Tai Wan (大灣 Big Harbour), Tai Po

Tai Wan (大灣) bay - the main bay and township of Po Toi

The southern-most island of Hong Kong, it is famous for its rock formations, such as the Buddha Hand Rock (佛手岩), the Coffin Rock (棺材石), and the Tortoise Climbing up the Mountain (靈龜上山). The Deserted Mansion of Family Mo, (巫氏廢宅), usually referred to as the "Haunted House", is a popular venue of "adventure" for the young visitors. The island is also an ideal place for skywatch.

It is said that the island used to produce dried seaweeds (苔), which were shaped like the cattail hassock (蒲團) used by the monks for sitting; therefore the island was originally called 蒲苔島, the present common name being a corruption.

Another explanation states that Po Toi looks like a floating platform (浮台) when viewed from a distance on sea. 蒲 is another character meaning "to float" in the local dialect, thus giving the island its name.

Ancient Rock carvings on the island that date back over 2,000 years have been listed as declared monuments of Hong Kong. These may be viewed on a spur-track on the track that runs between the main harbour (Tai Wan), and the lighthouse.


Places / Pleises / 地方 Edit

  • Luózàumun suidou (螺洲水道):蒲台島北邊的螺洲門海床是香港海域最深之處,位於海平面下66m[1]
  • 島上有一沙灘,位於碼頭附近,沙灘旁有一間島上居民所創辦之海鮮酒家,為島上旅遊人士提供服務。

Transport / Transport / 交通 Edit

The island is accessible mostly by private ferry (kai-to) or water taxi. Some scheduled ferries connect Po Toi island with Aberdeen, Stanley, North Point and Kwun Tong.

References / Riforenses / 參考資料 Edit

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See also / Si osou / 參看 Edit


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