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Poutoi Bridge is the bridge linking the main island of Frendov and Poutoi Island. Along travelling on the road, one can continue to travel on the Tsukishima Bridge connecting the Poutoi Island and Tsukishima Island of Jungnaman-city. Poutoi Daikyu wa daikyu konnektiŋ Frendov de mein ailènd en Poutoi Ailènd. Pīpol keyi gou tu Juŋnamŋon-çiti bai Cukisima Daikyu bitwin Poutoi Ailènd en Cukisima. 蒲台大橋是連接友愛市本島與蒲台島之間的大橋。沿着蒲台大橋經過月島大橋可到達中南岸市月島

History / Històri / 歷史 Edit

Poutoi Daikyu wa plänen gut 2000nd für konnektiŋ bitwin Juŋnamŋon en Frendov.

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