is the - letter in the Babyish alphabet. Its name in Babyish is arĥ (IPA /aʁ/). The character represents the sound /ʁ/. -wa đe-- käraktā in đe Babyish alfabet. Rĥ dè neim in Babyish bi arĥ (IPA /aʁ/). Rĥ reprisent đe saund /ʁ/. B文字母的第-個字母。在B文的名稱讀作 arĥ (IPA /aʁ/)。這個字母所代表的音位是/ʁ/

Iniçol Rĥ Edit

The words below starts with Wörds bilow wiŧ iniçol 以下各個字母以字開頭:

English Babyish 中文
Ratatoille Rĥatatuy 普羅旺斯燜菜
Rendezvous Rĥondevu 偶遇

Wörds startiŋ wiŧ Rĥ wa yusolli orijineiten from Fronçeis.

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