The Search for Princess Lunara Söčiŋ für Prinçes Lunara wa geim in Neopets bai riplai-iŋ kwesçions from gaids en söčiŋ für Prinçes Lunara on đe wei. 尋找露納拉公主森空的一個遊戲,透過回答守衛有關尼奧世界的問題要尋回失蹤了的露納拉公主。

Princess Lunara / Prinçes Lunara / 露納拉 Edit

Princess Lunara Prinçes Lunara 露納拉是一隻稀兔,是森空的公主。

Game info / Geim info / 遊戲概要 Edit

The Search for Princess Lunara:

Mystery in the Mist

Oh no! Princess Lunara has been kidnapped! The Emperor has ordered all the bridges that lead to Shenkuu's docks be secured to prevent the kidnapper from escaping with the princess, and the Palace guards are scrambling to close them off.

You fancy yourself a bit of an amateur sleuth, and you arrive on the scene, all ready to save the princess! Unfortunately, the Palace guards aren't allowing anyone who can't answer their questions to cross the bridges. Hopefully, your knowledge of Neopia and its inhabitants is enough to help you find the princess. You can also bring up to two of your friends along for help.

There are three guards, each an expert in their subject matter: All About Neopia, Neopian Culture, and Notable Neopians. Pick a guard and you will be asked a question from that category. To answer, simply buzz in using your keyboard. If you can answer the guards' questions, you'll be one step closer to solving this mystery in the mist and winning the generous reward. If you can't, you might end up having to pay out a few bribes to get past the guards…or you might be mistaken for the kidnapper and taken to prison!






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