Draft of the lyric, date unknown.

Sùbtropikal Koala (亞熱帶的樹熊) is a song and MTV sung by 樹熊仔. The song mimics a Cantonese pop song "Subtropical boys" (亞熱帶的少年), sung by 劉美君 at the end of 1980s of Hong Kong. One of the special gimmicks of this MTV is that, there is a scene that Koala climbs down the tree with his head downward. It was not known if any real koalas in the world will climb in such way, but he did.

MTV scenesEdit

  • Start: Five koalas showing up in different positions horizontally. Then a line of koalas running from left to right. Five different koalas showing up again in different positions, then the line of koalas running from right to left.
  • Singing: Koala sings the song (Yälùm de Ko-a-la......) while climbing the true. When he reached the top of a ... Coconut tree (?), he heads down and climb down the tree.
  • Chorus: Sùbtropikal Ko! Sùbtropikal Ko-a-la, Sùbtropikal Ko!
  • Singing again
  • End

Lyric Edit

The Koala in the coconut forest
wanted to look for something new
He climbed up to the treetop
and did not see something special.
The Koala in the coconut
thought about the past
He yelled "Bring me to find
The baby in the sky!"
Yälùm de Ko-a-la,
siöŋ hui zau sèn cuimei.
Pašǐ tu šǐ jimdün,
bùt mǐ càmwok yiyǐ
Yälùm dè Ko-a-la,
söŋ zàuguo dè yàtzī
Dai ŋo hui zau na
tinbin yàt zek bi
Yü tinbin yàt zek bi
Evri dei häppi yàuwun
X X X X X X X X X mut dàkbit yiyǐ
Yü tinbin yàt zek bi
X X X X X X X X X X X X, X X!
(Korùs): Sùbtropikol Ko! Sùbtropikol Ko-a-la, Sùbtropikol Ko!

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