Sām jiyàn is a Christmas Carol in Babyish languages. Literally it means the Three Wise Men. The theme of the carol is that, when the three wise men left their home to visit Jesus Christ, they walked pass the Babycasèny as well. 三知人

Lyrics Edit

English Babyish 漢字表記
The three wise men started their journey from east. Sām jiyàn héiciŋ zǐ doŋfōŋ 三知人起程自東方
They brought with them gold, five sorts of scenes and Myrrh. Kwàidai woŋgùm ŋ́höŋ yökbi 攜帶黃金五香葯B
When Ice-cream Little Bear saw the three wise men, Xiuhuŋ gindòu sām jiyàn 小熊見到三知人
His ice-cream look-alike feet became real ice-cream cones! Xütgougök bǐn aisu-krīm 雪糕腳變 ice-cream
Hmm... Hmm... ŋ̄... ŋ̄... 唔~唔~
They saw the shi-no-pi who wetted his pants Gindòu dām̄ šinopi 見到 dā-m̄ shi-no-pi
They saw many rabbits greeting and greeted them with hongi Gindòu ji-déŋ ji-déŋ-déŋ 見到等吱等等
Passing through fields, rivers and valleys Yütguo tinyä goŋhó sānguk 越過田野江河山谷
They met the King with presents Kwàidai làimùt gīn gwànwoŋ 攜帶禮物見君王

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