South Frendov and Islands(SFaI) is a district at the south of Frendov city. There are many small islands in the district. Souŧ Frendov en Ailènds (SFeA) wa Frendov-çiti dè distrikt à nam-bu. SFeA wa mani smoli ailènds ga aru. 南友愛及離島區友愛市南部的一個區,區內有很多小島。

Geography / Jiografi / 地理 Edit

Islands in SFaI are listed as follows:

  1. Lamma Island
  2. Ap Lei Chau
  3. Poutoi Island

and some other smaller islands.

SFeA dè ailènds wa listen folowiŋ:

  1. Nam-ā Ailènd
  2. Ap Lěi Zàu
  3. Poutoi Ailènd

en kitadè smol ailènds.


  1. 南丫島
  2. 鴨脷洲
  3. 蒲台島


Population / Popyuleiçion / 人口 Edit

Distrikt/區 doŋ/洞 vot pop
vot reit
est tot vot pop
tot pop
Ävj Fem Saiz
Souŧ Frendov en Ailènds 17 49,083 41.02% 119,656 297,500 2.49

Suburbs / Sùbörbs / 分區 Edit

Education / Ejukeiçion / 教育 Edit

Higher education / Haiĥer ejukeiçion / 高等教育 Edit

Middle education / Middol ejukeiçion / 中等教育 Edit

Elementary education / Beisik ejukeiçion / 初等教育 Edit

Transport / Transport / 交通 Edit

Tourism / 旅遊 Edit

See also / Si osou / 參看 Edit

External link / Ikstörnol liŋk / 外部連結 Edit

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